Installation at BLINDSIDE, Melbourne Installation at BLINDSIDE, Melbourne Installation at The Hold Artspace, Brisbane

Haptic Memory Study (Feet)
Two-channel video installation

. . . [E]xperience cannot be represented directly and in its entirety, but only approached partially by the orders of the discursive and the visible, or the sayable and the seeable. . . . Discourse and the visible . . .  do not embrace the world, but only encapsulate what can be known at a given time. The seeable and the sayable approach each other asymptotically, showing each other to be false even as they require each other to be true.
Laura U. Marks (2000), The skin of the film; intercultural cinema, embodiment, and the senses.

Haptic Memory Study (Feet) (2015) explores ways in which memory can be elicited through the manipulation of found objects and fluids. This two-channel video installation focuses on the gestures of the feet as a means to examine remembered sensations of locations visited in the past. The awkward dynamic between the two sets of feet, which seemingly alternate between interacting with and ignoring each others presence, reflect the discrepancies between actual and fictional experiences.

Catalogue essay by Sarah Werkmeister available HERE